What is End Point Assessment

All apprentices must take an independent assessment at the end of their training to confirm they have achieved occupational competence. Employers can choose who carries out End Point Assessment and as a proveder with coverage across the UK, Notebook Assessment Services is well placed to be the EPA provider of choice.

Rigorous, robust and independent end-point assessment (EPA) is essential to give employers confidence that apprentices completing an apprenticeship standard can perform in the occupation they have been trained in and can demonstrate the knowledge, skills and behaviours (KSBs) set out in the occupational standard.

EPA can take a wide range of forms – it can include observation in the workplace, written tests of knowledge, interviews etc. It must include a minimum of two separate assessment methods.

Where Notebook Assessment Services is unique is in our personal approach. We match the Employer or Training Provider with a personal account manager. Your account manager is always available to provide advice, support and guidance throughout the process.